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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 6, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> here we go again, major storm system that's already dumping snow in the upper midwest is headed east and we're the targetsment tomorrow will be very messy day across the entire region. >> storm scan3 shows the storm system swirling over the upper midwest right now, by this time tomorrow, we will be in the thick of it. a winter storm warning has already been issued. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. now the storm actually ace rivals later tonight. lauren casey tracking the nor'easter and the cbs-3 weather center. so what's the latest forecast. >> yes, already starting to see hints of the moisture from this next nor'easter filtering into the sky, although quiet right now, live look at center
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city philadelphia but there are the first of the moisture mo southwest at around 7 miles per hour, and storm scan3, showing us, quiet conditions but already some hints of moisture seeing some returns on the radar over lancaster county not hitting the surface but it is picking up on some of the upper level >> 7:00 p.m. this evening, and runs until late tomorrow night , storm, impacts, this is going to be a heavy snowfall maker. specially in that winter storm warning, area, and looking low at this point, wind threats, not going to be as damaging or as widespread, good news there , as we saw, but we still have fairly high risk of power
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outages because of the weight of this heavy snow, and already weakened trees and power lines from lags week storm, we head into the evening hours start to see light rain, wintery mix developing we head into the overnight peer precipitation will start get going, rain and mix changing over to some wet snow. low temperature at 28 degrees. so talk about what to expect through the day tomorrow. and where we could indeed see over foot man eastbound foot and a half of snow coming up in your full eyewitness forecast. >> peak oak says about 23,000 homes and businesses are still without power ppl outages, and lower for ac electric. >> and alicia live in montgomery county where people are still struggling to get their power back on
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>> you can tell we are far from cleaning up, certainly far from seeing power restored to everyone. here in montgomery county, tens of thousands of people are still without power, really worried that it may not be restored by the time this next nor'easter hits. >> less than 24 hours into the next nor'easter hits, and it is only been four days since the last one slammed the region particularly the suburbs of philadelphia. delaware county was certainly the hardest hit but nearby montgomery county. clearly next nor'easter approaches, these hard hit areas it isn't supposed to be as strong as the last one, but concerns, still circle around, current debris, still in the roadways. weakened trees being more likely to come down this time around? and with tens of thousands of
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people without power, have to ride the next storm in the dark and in the cold. >> we lost power about on friday around like 4:00, 4:15, ever since then, been cold, i'm not happy. i'm not happy at all. i mean, it is the season, they did say march would come in like a lion, but hoping it goes out like a lamb. >> i think a lot of rugs hoping the same thing the numbers here l thousand 335 homes and businesses without power translates to tens every thousands of people hoping somehow it is restored before the next nor'easter hits stays on during the storm. live, alicia, cbs-3 " eyewitness news" >> forest range he is have been deployed to the areas, to
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help with the clean up effort. >> today we literally double our forest of rangers out in the community, cutting trees, clearing access, assisting with peco to make sure we're trying to get ahead of the next storm. >> we're told the rangers will work across the county as long as they're needed today. >> folks are getting ready for the next round of nasty weather being people already stocking up for the upcoming storm. some shoppers in montgomery county headed to hope depo to load up on ice melt, one woman we spoke to say she is ready for this winter to be over. >> sunday, monday, i may as well get three bags, i'm ready for spring. oh, i hate snow. i'm a snow baby. >> here-here. people in the store told us they felt lucky to get aholds of ice melt since it seemed to be in low supplies. you can count on us to get you through the storm, the latest on the storm track throughout the day and be on extra early tomorrow morning. so me, jim, meisha and lauren, tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3.
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and that's the storm continues we'll have hourly updates throughout the day tomorrow. see you here on cbs-3 and the website. court for second day as his defense team and prosecutors hash out lingering issues ahead of his sexual assault retrial. joe holden joins us live from the courthouse in norristown with the argument, so far today. good afternoon, joe. >> attorneys have made headway on witnesses, these are witnesses that the prosecution wants to introduce as part of this trial to test against bill cosby. bows sides wrapped up arguments to steven o'neil just about 15 minutes ago, let's go ahead and take you live up to the second floor of the montgomery county courthouse, that's judge steven o'neil's courtroom where issues continue to play out as we near the trial for bill cosby. >> fireworks outside the courtroom as bill cosby is
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confronted his retrial expected to be off the ground in less than four weeks. judge steven o'neil is hearing arguments, on whether 19 women will be allowed to testify. prosecutors intend to call the accusers to establish a four decade long pattern of alleged drug facilitated sexual assault. defense counselor hit back saying the claims by those 19 women, have not been proven or charged. and that there are ancient accusations pattern. attorney becky james told the court, quote, their cases so weak, they need these 19 witness toss shore up the accusation of miss constand, because she is not corroborated. andrea constand claims in 2004 , cosby offered her three blue pills and wine, before sexually assaulting her. the case against cosby rests alone on constand's account. but his team says her team completely destroyed by evidence after its claim she told a temple colleague of plans to extort cosby, and
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that she had the motive to lie cosby's team is hoping to keep the 19 women out of the courtroom, the judge said those accusers will make certain claims and the jury had determine whether they're credible. >> back live here, it does not appear that judge o'neil will be making a decision on those prior witnesses, at least today it, appears he'll take all of this under advisement, starting at 5:00 on " eyewitness news" we will catch up on the latest coming out of here in norristown. live outside the montgomery county courthouse, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> see you then, thank you. >> overseas now, south korea says north korean leader kim jong un is willing to talk to the usa about giving up nuclear weapons, break through came during meeting in north korea between the two nations, south korea says kim kim jong un is also agreeing to meet with south korea president next month. this morning president trump tweeted progress being made in talks with north korea, may be
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false hope but the us is ready to go hard in either direction >> still ahead this noon, dramatic video from ski resort , little girl is left dangling from a chair lift, okay now, but we will show you how she was rescued. >> plus winter hanging on with a vengeance, heavy snow falling in the upper midwest today and tomorrow is our turn how much snow could fall in our area, lauren with the updated forecast when " eyewitness news" returns.
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>> long lost uss lexington, thanked the american aircraft carrier. >> explorers led by paul allen , discovered the wreck and 500 miles off the coast of australians located sunday at the bottom of the choral, about 2 miles below the surface. >> now, to another historic find in that part of the world , the oldest known message in a bottle was found on remote beach in western australia. the resident stumbled upon it while picking up trash, the bottle appears to have been tossed in the water from german ship in 1886. the sailors were studying ocean current, to uncover better shipping routes, the message inside asks who ever came across the bottle to send a note to the german naval observatory, with information sitting where and when it was found. >> well, something goes terribly wrong on the slopes of a california ski resort over the weekends, dramatic video shows a five year old
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girl dangling from a chairlift the video posted on instagram, appears to show two other people on the chairlift with the child at the bear mountain ski resort eventually she falls safely, into a tarp below. resort officials say they're investigating the incident. the new jersey man who mistakenly ordered a 1,600-dollar uber ride now asking for help. hefty uber after he got drunk while visiting friends in west virginia. he said he thought the ride was taking him back to where he was staying in town, but instead it, took him home. to gloucester county. he has now started a go fund my page asking for donations to help foot the bill. would you help him, jim? well, still ahead. >> it happens when you drink and drive or order an uber. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at noon, love for animals becomes life-long passion for one very special couple. meisha? >> volunteering our time from a giving heart pace us back ten fold. one cep up is reaping the soul
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food in giving and i'm loving t that story coming up. lauren? >> all right, well, one day closer to the up coming weekend. we'll have some sunshine, quieter conditions, seasonable as we head into saturday. rain looks like it could return even wintery mix late day sunday, seasonable high temperatures through the upcoming weekend in the upper four's to near 50 degrees, of course we have to get through tomorrow first and talking about that nor'easter, more
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>> as we certainly know winter is not over just yet. other part of the country feeling it all. snow plows were clearing the streets all night long in minneapolis as they deal with blizzard conditions there. >> and the weather system coming our way is expected to
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bring heavy snow and wind gusts cents and of course all on the heals of last week's nor'easter. so one-two punch there. lauren? >> yes, absolutely, good news with this is it is not going to be as big of a wind threat as what we saw on last friday, where we had widespread wind gusts 06 miles per hour, wind gusts maybe at most 45 miles per hour, but still, some concern for power outages, but , right now, all is quiet. as we get live look in cape may, on "skycam 3", some clouds, in the scene, and typically with the nor'easter 's, the shore bears a brunt of this storm. but, as we head into tomorrow, it is actually going to be fairly easy, as far as nor'easter's go along the coast. we're like throw see wind gusts potentially 45 miles per hour, but not a big flooding concern, maybe some minor flooding through this event. and we're going to see the lowest snowfall totals as you'll see mostly rain and sleet along the immediate coastline, but for right now just enjoying some sunshine, chilly temperatures, seasonably so, 43 in wildwood,
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45ac, 44 degrees right now in philadelphia, storm scan3, though, already showing indications, of moisture building into the atmosphere, seeing some returns on radar, so that's not hitting the ground, just picking up on upper level moisture moving in from this system, this is a parent area of low pressure that caused the blizzard conditions in portions of minnesota, then it will generate second deer area every low pressure where we are seeing all of the moisture off to the south and west. and all of that energy from both places is going to move into our neck of the woods, as we head into tonight and through the day tomorrow, so your commute this evening, no problems, looking good, tomorrow morning, big difference, areas of a wintery mix, and primarily snow west of i-95. and then tomorrow afternoon, heavy snow, for a good portion of the area. so more specific on the timing rain and snow spreading northeast from about 7:00 this evening, until about midnight. overnight tonight, we will see primarily snow as i mentioned west of i-95. more of kind of rain-snow mix, and then transition over to
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snow east, and then as we head into tomorrow morning, we will see the wintery mix, times of rain closer to the coast, then heavy snow as we head through the the afternoon, that will be the peak intensity of the storm, greatly reduced visibility, especially where we have these areas of heavier snow, so future weather showing us as we head into tonight, we start off this rain likely in the city, point east. and we transition over to a wintery mix and snowfall. but again, areas over south jersey, and the shore there is will be primarily rain event and mixing event for you. but off to the west, we will see more in the way of snowfall coming down, and snow heavy at times, so as we head into the afternoon hours, that snow starting to overtake the entire area, that's when we will have the best chance to see snowfall as at the coast, late day tomorrow and tomorrow evening, before this starts to wrap up. as we head into the second half of the evening, tomorrow, but as far as snowfall accumulations cents, expecting ten to 14 inches far north and west of the city. right along and west of i-95, six to 12 inches of snowfall. and pretty sharp cut-off
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because of that rain, and wintery mix threat, as we head to the east and south jersey. so about three to six immediate jersey suburbs, further east, the lesser and lesser the totals. pretty high certainty as far as models, consistency, telling us timing of the heaviest snow coming midday and into the afternoon. high certainty also of the significant totals west of i-95. the lower certainty where exactly that rain-snow line is going to set up, over jersey, so that keeps in question some of the south jersey totals. so what to expect, though, as far as downed trees and wires, as we deal with the weight of this heavy snow, especially where we will see those totals up toward a foot, wind go cents of 40 miles per hour already weakens trees and saturated grounds, we could see more power outages, through the day tomorrow. so prepare for what is in store through the day tomorrow then things quiet down, though , still have chance at few flurries on thursday, maybe even a passing snow shower on friday. and then hey, we spring forward after all of this,
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this week, we're going to spring forward this weekend ment saturday night into early sunday morning. >> all right, promise spring weather at some point? >> no promises in wetter. >> thank you, lauren. >> showing animals love and attention is one couple's mission. >> meisha has their story in today's love it. >> many people will agree animal friends add so much joy to our life. some argue actually it adds longevity to them. it is well known that charitable giving to our time is not only time well spent it is time that pays dividends. let's meet a couple who does. >> i always had animals growing up. i never remember a time when we didn't have animals. right, eugene? >> same thing. >> every thursday jean and vivian wood volunteer at the s pca of southwest michigan. >> they clean, sweep, change litter, socialize, and love on these furry friend of ours. >> hi, how are you?
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>> even playing a bit of hide and seek. >> here comes. they're do-able. and they're very generous. they're kinds. >> the spca here or anywhere for that matter wouldn't be the thriving shelter it is without volunteers like jean and vivian. executive director katie timber says there wouldn't be nearly as many adoptions, either. >> they're more likely to find a home as somebody pays attention to them, socialize z with them, and last night we had three kitties get adopted. that's the rewarding part, see them go home to their forever home. it always makes you feel good. >> but not just about petting their head. >> this one is new. >> the woods can't not volunteer, it is who they are, it is where their heart is. >> it is. i think service is important for people. and to share what we have, and to care for god's creatures. >> amen. still work in action. a simple yet profound words of grand i the greatness after nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
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kindness is kindness giving back pays dividends, this particular couple volunteer at nearby church and jean also enjoys shovel his local library parking lot, as well, the little things that measure the depth everyone's character not to mention the little things can change entire communities, the woods encourage everyone to volunteer because they believe in this life, we may not always be able to do great things, but we can do small things, with great love, and of course that's from mother mother teresa, and i have to tell you it, sounds like oh, yes, people volunteering, whatever, but when you actually think about what volunteering does, it literally shines life on everything that matters in life. and that's what they're doing. they're truly living successes , that truely is living. so i think they're just incredible. i had to bring that. >> great story, meisha, thanks for sharing. we will be right
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>> one last check of the forecast, lauren, tell me what you said will not happen? >> sorry, plan for west specially west of 95 as we head through the day tomorrow tomorrow, likely to see significant snowfall totals as we push out into jersey, lesser, but western suburbs, lehigh valley get ready to break out the shovel. >> can't blame me for trying everybody. >> it was a good try. >> that's "eyewitness news" this noon, for today, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for meisha, lauren all of us here thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. and we're always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> victoria: he's moved in with sharon? >> nick: thanks for everything, for me and christian today. >> victoria: and this is your solution? moving here? >> hilary: you know, maybe this is a sign that there's only one right way to do this, someone that you know. >> jack: if it isn't someone like devon that you're looking for, what about devon? >> victoria: it's proof, dad. ashley's been funneling secrets to jack. it's a terrible betrayal, but she's left you no choice. you have to fire ashley. >> j.t.: well, that's quite a look you got in your eyes there. should i lock the door? >> victoria: i want you to tell me again how you lifted jack's thumbprint and managed to find the papers that ashley slipped him. >> j.t.: well, it was beat...


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